AGSN NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Predictions

In episode 2 of the AGSN Podcast, I gave my 2020 NFL Playoff and Super Bowl prediction. Here are my predictions:

AFC Predictions (Bold = #1 seed in Playoffs)

AFC East- Buffalo Bills

AFC West- Kansas City Chiefs

AFC North- Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South- Indianapolis Colts

AFC Wildcard #1- Baltimore Ravens

AFC Wildcard #2- Houston Texans

AFC Wildcard #3- New England Patriots

NFC Predictions (Bold = #1 seed in Playoffs)

NFC East- Philadelphia Eagles

NFC West- Seattle Seahawks

NFC North- Minnesota Vikings

NFC South- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC Wildcard #1- San Francisco 49ers

NFC Wildcard #2- Chicago Bears

NFC Wildcard #3- New Orleans Saints

Super Bowl Prediction: Eagles defeat the Buffalo Bills

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